EASYMFG Hosts High-Tech Zone Leaders, Showcases Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Technology

Created on:2018-08-20 09:35

  On July 23, 2020, the leaders of the High-tech Zone in Yichang city visited EASYMFG. Mr. Wu, the general manager of EASYMFG, on behalf of the company, greeted the leaders with warm reception.


    Accompanied by Mr. Wu, the leaders of Yichang High-tech Zone visited the production workshop of the company. Mr. Wu made a brief introduction to the company's binder jetting sand 3D printers, binder jetting metal 3D printers, etc. Then Mr. Wu led the leaders to visit the company's showroom and forecast the development trend of the manufacturing industry. Leaders of Yichang High-tech Zone expressed that binder jetting 3D printing technology has broad and promising development prospects.

    This visit of the leaders of Yichang High-tech Zone will promote further in-depth cooperation and exchange between the two sides.


   In the future, EASYMFG will continue to be committed to technological innovation, optimize product performance, and give a boost to industry development!